ICPC World Finals Luxor

The 46th and 47th ICPC World Finals are being held in Luxor, Egypt this week. 800 of the world’s best programmers and problem solvers are competing for the ultimate prize in competitive programming, including two teams each from UNSW Sydney and The University of Melbourne.

Front: Angus Ritossa, Dallas Yan, Quang Anh Trinh, Hoang Giap Vu, Tao He, Tsingying Xu
Back: Raveen de Silva, Phuc Nguyen, Quang Ong, Michael Zhao, Netanya Robinson, Ali Khosravi, Joseph Luo
Not pictured: Tim French

You can follow the event on ICPC News and ICPC Live, including the World Finals contests from 7pm to midnight AEST on Thursday 18th April.