Wisetech Global Challenge

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The Wisetech Global Challenge is a programming contest for University and High School students from the South Pacific (including Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and other Pacific Islands). The contest is generously sponsored by Wisetech Global, a software development company that provides cutting edge products that enable and optimise the world’s supply chains.

Visit the WiseTech Global website to find out more.

Contest Format

The contest will go live throughout the South Pacific on August 24 12-3pm AEST. Students can register in teams of 2 or 3, and will need produce code that will find the best solutions to a given optimisation problem. A practice contest will be set up the weekend before the contest to allow teams to get familiar with the contest software, and practice on a simple optimisation problem. Students will need to compete at an official supervised site. (If none of the available sites are suitable for your team, we will try to arrange a site that works.)

Sample problem

A practice contest will be run with a sample problem. Please register and details will be made available later.

The problem style will be similar to the ICPC Challenge and to Atcoder Heuristic Contests.


Registration is free, but some sites wish to charge teams for catering. Teams can register using this form.


Prizes to be announced.