• SPAR 1 Debrief

    Ryan Ong, Kyle Zhang and Freddie Lu of UNSW CPMSoc held a debrief session after Saturday’s contest to discuss the solutions. You can find the recording on our YouTube channel.

  • SPAR 1

    Thanks to all the people who came to the first SPAR contest for 2024. It was great to see more than 100 teams solving problems. Congratulations to sushipizza (UNSW), DC (ANU) and RuntimeTerror for solving the full set. Full set of results are at https://contest.sppcontests.org/public.

  • 2024 SPAR Flyer

    Thanks to Larissa Yip from UNSW we have a flyer for the 2024 SPAR contests. Please share these in your institution and encourage people to compete. The first contest is this Saturday! Just register your team on the Contest server to compete.