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SPPC Regional Final Practice contest here

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The ANZAC contests start next week with ANZAC 1 running 12-5 AEDT on Saturday March 25.
We would like all teams to sign up at
and please sign up by Wednesday March 22, if you want to compete in the March 25 ANZAC contest.
We are aiming to maintain a leaderboard of teams across all ANZAC contests this year, so it is important to register early.
Detail contest instructions will be sent out on March 23.

The rules this year are:

  • Teams should have three members, but unofficial teams can have less.
  • Teams should compete on site where possible, but competing remotely is allowed if your site coordinator approves it.
  • Each team must share a single workstation, and no other electronic devices are permitted for the duration of the contest.
  • Site coordinators will make at least one paper copy of the problem set available for each team, and problem descriptions will be available on the scoreboard.
  • Teams may not use any electronic resources aside from those available at Teams may use any non-electronic resources they like.
  • To solve a problem, teams should submit source code through the DOMJudge system written in C, C++, Java or Python. The only feedback teams will receive is “compile error”, “runtime error”, “time limit exceeded”, “wrong answer” or “correct”.
  • Any teams found to be cheating will be removed from the contest server.

Please share this invitation throughout your network. We are very keen to expand the contest this year, and would as many schools and universities as possible to be represented.

If your University/School does not have a site coordinator/coach, but you would like to compete, please let me know. If possible, please suggest an interested staff member who could possibly fill the role.

We encourage each site or student club to hold their own review/editorial/post mortem of the contest.
If any clubs are holding online meetings they would like to open to a wider group of students, please let me know the time and contact details and I can publish these on

Finally, we will be aiming to make the main reference to information, events and reports this year, so please bookmark it and check for upcoming events.

02/03/2023: The tentative 2023 contest schedule consists of Full ANZAC contests (5 hours on a Saturday), ANZAC Sprints (90 minutes mid-week) as well as the divisional and regional contest:
    – Mar 25 ANZAC 1 (full)
    – Apr 19 ANZAC 2 (sprint)
    – Apr 26 ANZAC 3 (sprint)
    – May 27 ANZAC 4 (full)
    – Aug 19 ANZAC 5 (full, with NZPC?)
    – Sep 2 Divisional/Preliminary Contest
    – Sep 13 ANZAC 6 (sprint)
    – Sept 20 ANZAC 7 (sprint)
    – Sept 30 South Pacific Regional Programming Contest

Please let us know any feedback or issues you note via email to

02/03/2023: The SPCPA AGM was held on December 12, 2022. The executive for 2023 are: Tim French (President), Miao Qiao (Vice-President), Raveen De Silva (Treasurer) and Caslon Chua (Secretary). Max Ward will continue to lead the judge team.

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