Get Involved


Student clubs and societies are instrumental to our community. By running social events and workshops, they bring in new students and foster a supportive environment. Some of the more established societies include:

Please enquire with them about joint events.

We also have many interested students and ex-students who volunteer their help to run live sites. Please get in touch with site coordinators if you want to help out.


Coaches are important to help beginning contestants with the basic concepts required to compete, and ease them through some of the frustrations of competitive programming.

Coaches can also supervise and facilitate the training of more advanced teams. This might include everything from booking rooms on campus to suggesting resources and training contests.

By joining the mailing list, you will be informed about upcoming contests and training opportunities for contestants.

Site Coordinators

As a site coordinator you will be hosting teams at your university or school campus for live contests such as ICPC and SPAR. Our contests cannot run without the dedication of site coordinators, who maintain the integrity of contests and work hard to provide contestants with a great experience on the day.

Duties of site coordinators include organising:

  • facilities such as room bookings and computers
  • printing of problem sets
  • optionally, balloons or equivalent for solved problems
  • meals for participating students, if your institution provides funding
  • safety procedures, including child protection especially if high school students are involved.

ICPC contests in particular should be conducted under exam-style invigilation, and if possible using a custom VM image and firewall. The latter ensures that students cannot access online resources or store material on the machines before the contest. Some tips on creating an image can be found here.

If you would like to host a site, please send us an email with your name, institution, role at institution, and the address of your live site.

Judge team

ICPC contests feature only original problems developed by our wonderful team of volunteer judges. If you are never going to participate again (e.g. because you have graduated, or ‘retired’ from competition), please join the mailing list to be informed when the Call for Problems is issued.

SPAR contests are assembled from existing problems. If you are not a contestant and would like to prepare the problem set for a round, please get in touch by email.


At the SPCPA, we conduct contests which bring together several hundred university and high school students from disciplines including computer science, mathematics and more. Our activities are only possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors including WiseTech Global and UNSW Sydney.

If your organisation would like to help nurture the brightest computer programmers and problem solvers across the South Pacific, please contact us by email. Opportunities for branding, presentations, sponsored prizes and contests are all available.