South Pacific Programming Contests

ANZAC Contests

SPPC Regional Final Practice contest here

The ANZAC contests are practice contests for the ICPC that are open to teams in the South Pacific Region. It is preferred that teams compete on site at a university. Any university is welcome to host a site. The rules are the same as for the Divisional Finals, however an honour system is generally used when it’s not possible to supervise teams. Teams of three should compete in person (where possible) and only use the internet to access the contest platform.

  • 2022 ANZAC Schedule
    • All contests run from 12 pm to 5 pm Sydney time unless otherwise specified
    • ANZAC 1 26th March
    • ANZAC 2 7th May
    • ANZAC 3 21st May
    • ANZAC 4 6th August
    • ANZAC 5 27th August
    • ANZAC 6 10th September
      • May be a concurrent mirror of the New Zealand Programming Contest (NZPC)
    • ANZAC 7 1st October
      • May be a concurrent mirror of the Monash Collegiate Programming Contest (MCPC)

How to Compete

Contact your university organiser for details. If this is not an option, the Contest page will contain instructions for how to compete on the day.

We will continue to allow online participation this year, and encourage everyone to register their teams at (2021 registrations won’t role over).

Archive of Previous Rounds

An archive of scoreboards can be found here.

Some previous ANZAC rounds have been archived at prog4fun.

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