South Pacific Programming Contests

2023 Regional Finals Mirror Contest Instructions

Alongside the Regional Finals contest, we will hold a live mirror contest from 11am to 4pm on Sunday 1st October. This provides an opportunity for teams who did not qualify to participate unofficially, similar to the ANZAC contests.


Teams are not required to register on to attempt the mirror contest.

Teams can self register on the contest server.

Contest Rules and Instructions

It is preferred that teams compete on site at a university or high school. Any institution is welcome to host a site.

The rules are the same as for the Preliminary Contest, however an honour system will be used in circumstances where it is not possible to supervise teams.

Teams of three should compete in person (where possible) and only use the internet to access the contest server and language documentation.

Schedule (UNSW live site)

UNSW will host a live site alongside the Regional Finals. Teams from all universities are welcome to attend the UNSW site and join the associated events as per the schedule below.

Each individual attending is asked to fill out this form for catering purposes.

Escape room tickets can be bought on Eventbrite (at a significant discount).

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