South Pacific Programming Contests

2023 Regional Finals Instructions

The 2023 Regional Finals will be held in person at UNSW Sydney, on Sunday 1st October.



  • Teams will have only one keyboard and computer.
  • Teams are allowed to bring as much paper reference material as they like. This includes books and printed notes.
  • Teams may use pens and paper for developing and discussing solutions among themselves.
  • Teams are allowed to print code from their computer.
  • Teams will have no internet access other than to the contest server and SPCPA website.
  • Teams will not have access to any code written during the practice contest.
  • Teams must not discuss the problems with people outside the team during to the contest, and any questions must be sent through the DOMJudge clarification system.
  • Electronic devices (phones, tablets, etc) will be taken from contestants from the duration of the contest.
  • To solve a problem, teams should submit source code through the DOMJudge system written in C, C++, Java or Python. The only feedback teams will receive is “compile error”, “runtime error”, “time limit exceeded”, “wrong answer” or “correct”.
  • Teams are ranked by who has solved the most problems, plus the aggregate of the time taken to solve each problem (the time in minutes between the start of the contest and when the correct solution was submitted, plus a 20 minute penalty for each incorrect submission).
  • The contest server will evaluate any solution submitted in the five hours from the start of the contest. The scoreboard will stop updating with 1 hour left in the contest, and the full scoreboard will be revealed shortly after the end of the contest.
  • Any teams found to be cheating will be disqualified.


Teams from outside Sydney will stay at AGSM Residential.

  • Visitors from Victoria, South Australia and the ACT can check in on Saturday and check out on Monday.
  • Visitors from Western Australia and New Zealand can check in on Friday and check out on Monday.
  • All visitors have individual rooms.

Please contact Raveen de Silva for further information.

Note: teams from UNSW and USyd will not be provided accommodation.


UNSW CPMSoc is hosting an after-party, including dinner (all welcome) and escape rooms (tickets here – free for Regional Finals teams, coaches and staff). Don’t miss out, as spaces are limited and students attending the mirror contest will be able to buy tickets from Monday 11th September.

Local Transport

Tickets and Opal

Opal is the smartcard ticketing system used to pay for travel on public transport in Sydney. We recommend that you don’t buy a Opal card, and instead pay by tapping your contactless card or device on the Opal reader. This charges an adult fare, but unfortunately interstate and overseas students are typically ineligible for concession fares anyway.

Light Rail

The recommended mode of transport between campus and the CBD is the Sydney Light Rail. Use the UNSW High Street station on the L2 Randwick line.

Transfer at Central Station for interstate trains and coaches or Sydney Airport.

Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport has train stations at both International and Domestic terminals on the T8 Airport & South Line. However, there is an additional fee of $15.74 each time you enter or exit these stations, so it may be cheaper for your group to take a taxi together.

UNSW Kensington campus

You may find the following map of UNSW Kensington campus useful.

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