South Pacific Programming Contests

2022 South Pacific ICPC Results

Regional Finals

The contest was hosted by UNSW on Saturday, December 17, 2022

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Problem Set

Divisional Finals

Level A Scoreboard

Level B Scoreboard

Level A Problem Set

Level B Problem Set

Report from the Regional Contest Director, Tim French.

Thanks for competing and being involved in the 2022 South Pacific Programming Contest. The Divisional Finals went really well with the following results:
Level A:
1st Place: Hell Hunt (UNSW) Tsingying Xu, Joseph Luo, Tao He
2nd Place: AnIsDa (UNSW) Dallas Yan, Isaiah Iliffe, Angus Ritossa
3rd Place: Optimal Brain Damage (UNSW) Kevin Zhu, Jeffrey Yang, Nathan Lee

Level B:
1st Place: James Bang v2 (USyd) James Bang, Sharvil Kesarwani, Ashwin Gur
2nd Place: ANU Comp 2 (ANU) Zaran Zahid, Olin Gao, Timothy Horscroft
3rd Place: Pythoin Gang (Canterbury) Ryan Croucher, Gareth Harcombe, Jack McCorkindale

Boersen Prize (Top All Women Team): UNSW Magenta (UNSW) Sylvia Huang, Carey Yang, and Wanqing Yang

The teams invited to regionals are:
Hell Hunt (UNSW)
Worst Pace Scenario (ANU)
cflat (U Canterbury)
calloc (U Auckland)
Arts Students (Uni Melb)
Myles and Noobs (U Adelaide)
AnisDa (UNSW)
Nunchuck Crunchers (USyd)
Hmm (U Canterbury)
e (USyd)
ANU Comp One (ANU)
Yakult on Tap (UWA)
UNSW Magenta (UNSW)

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