South Pacific Programming Contests

2021 Regional Finals Instructions

The 2021 Regional Finals are unusual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many teams need to compete remotely. To this end, we plan to use a hybrid approach. Teams that are able to compete in-person on campus can compete as usual albeit with a Zoom connection. Teams that cannot can use a remote desktop and Zoom based.

Schedule (all times are AEDT)

  • 10.45 am: Pre-contest Instructions. All teams are onsite with site coordinator on Zoom, or remote teams are logged into Zoom.
  • 11.00-11.30 am: Practise contest.
  • 11.30-11.50 am: Final instructions.
  • 12.00-5.00 pm: South Pacific Programming Contest Regional Final.
  • 5.15-5.45 pm: Award Ceremony


  • The Regional Finals is intended to be run under the same rules from Divisional Finals
  • However, the standard of strictness and accountability is expected to be higher


Please use the Contest page to access the contest server. Details for the official contest and unofficial mirror will be there on the contest day.

For all teams

  • We have set up virtual machines hosting VNC servers for remote desktop access
  • Each team will receive a login to a single VNC server to use during the contest
  • Please join this Zoom call before the contest starts: (url will be sent out to teams in an email)
  • As per the rules above, only the VNC server should be used with a few special exceptions comprising: the host machine used to login to the VNC session and the zoom call. Otherwise, no electronic devices or internet access during the contest.
  • Contestants are not permitted to use any applications on their computer other than Zoom the VNC viewer, and a web browser. The web browser can only be used to view the contest scoreboard and the questions (that is, pages linked from Using any other applications, visiting website other than the contest server, or developing code outside the VNC will be considered cheating and may lead to disqualification.
  • Contestants may use any written material, and make notes with pen and paper. This includes notes printed before the contest. All electronic devices, other than the computer (e.g. calculators, smart watches etc) are not permitted.
  • For fairness, no printing of code will be permitted. However, contestants or site coordinators may print out the problem statements if they are able.

For those teams on campus

  • The site-coordinator or coach should proctor the team in person to ensure the contest rules are followed.
  • Teams are expected to use a remote desktop (same as remote teams) unless otherwise organised with the Regional Contest Director
  • Zoom is optional if there is on-site invigilation. However, the invigilator should be on Zoom.

For remote teams

  • Each team member should be visible on Zoom (webcam turned on) throughout the contest. We will be using zoom rooms for each team. Coaches and site-coordinators will invigilate the Zoom rooms.
  • Contestants are required to use a computer with camera and microphone. The contestants should log into the teams meeting and keep their camera and microphone on for the duration of the contest. The contestants should ensure they have a reliable internet connection, and ensure their machine will not run out of power during the contest.
  • Any events, such as internet dropout, camera failure etc should be rectified as soon as possible, and explained to the proctor using the zoom chat.
  • Bathroom breaks are permitted, and should be noted in the Zoom chat so the proctor is aware.
  • Contestants are not to communicate with anyone outside their team for the duration of the contest aside from the proctor, or the judge team via the clarification system.

How to use VNC

  1. Open a VNC client application. “VNC Viewer” is recommended.
  2. Input the IP:port address (for example, 12.345.67.89:5901)
  3. Enter the password
  4. IMPORTANT: DO NOT logout or shut down the machine!! This will permanently crash the server.
  5. If you want to end your session, close your VNC client and NOT the OS session.

Two example VNC servers have been set up for you to test.

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