South Pacific Programming Contests

2016 Western Division Finals

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Teams Qualifying for the Regional Final

Monash Epsilon from Monash University

Peter Whalan

Daniel Anderson

Xin Wei Chow



Ridge Racer from University of Western Australia

Alexander Thatcher

Ridge Shrubsall

Eliot Courtney


Monash Omicron from Monash University

Michael Cui

Ryan Hechenberger

Zao Shizhe


UTAS from University of Tasmania

Hoang Dinh

Liam Callaway

Dominic Duke



OLDBOYS from University of Melbourne

Rami Ali

Daniel Ip Shing Sheung

Jonathan Lilford



Eliot Courtney from University of Adelaide

Connie Pyromallis

Zachary Forman

Katrina Le



Problem Set

Western Division Results

View the western division scoreboard archive here.

View all divisions scoreboard here.

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