South Pacific Programming Contests

2016 Regional Finals

The Regional Final took place in Sydney on 25-27th November.  It was sponsored by IBM and WiseTech Global.

View the regional scoreboard archive here.

Regional Contest Winners

AbishforesT from University of New South Wales

Will represent the region in the 2017 World Finals
Ray Li, Oliver Fisher, Mohammad Huda, Coaches (Aleks Ignjatovic and) Joshua Lau
Regional Contest Second Place

nevered from University of New South Wales
Austin Tankiang, Michael Chen, Greg Omelaenko  Coaches Aleks Ignjatovic and Raveen de Silva,
Regional Contest Third Place

Monash Epsilon from Monash University

Will represent the region in the 2017 World Finals
Peter Whalan, Daniel Anderson, Xin Wei Chow Coach Darcy Best
Divisional Contest

The Divisional Contests, sponsored by IBM, were held on Saturday 8th October at 13 sites across the South Pacific Region.  This year there were three divisions but only one problem set.  This allowed the best teams to advance to the Regional Final whilst ensuring representation from across the region.

View all divisional scoreboard archive here.

Report from the RCD

Congratulations to all teams who took part in the Divisional Contest. There was some fantastic problem solving done in a well prepared problem set. 

Congratulations to UNSW team AbishforesT for taking first place, UNSW team nevered for taking second place (both solving 12 problems) and to Monash Epsilon in third place and RidgeRacer from UWA in fourth who both solved 11 problems.

Well done to all teams who took part. Keep on learning and solving problems.

I have to thank a number of people in particular for their work on the contest so far. Firstly, Darcy Best, for his work on the problem set as chief judge. Even more quality control procedures were put in place this year and the results show that. Secondly, Richard Lobb, for his efforts in looking after the Domjudge server on which we competed.  I also thank all the problem setters, listed on the inside cover of the problem set, for their contributions. Without their contributions, a lot more work would have fallen on fewer people.  Thanks to Phil Robbins as Contest Manager, for his work with the registration system and contest documentation that all teams received.  Finally, I would like to thank all coaches for their work so far, for preparing their teams and for supporting this great contest.

Malcolm Corney


The rules specify teams advancing to the Regional Final are chosen in 2 steps.  The qualifying teams are:

Step 1 – the top 2 universities in each division.


Western Division

Monash Epsilon from Monash University


Ridge Racer from University of Western Australia


Central Division

AbishforesT from University of New South Wales


The University of Queensland from University of Queensland


Eastern Division

PSPACEcreated from University of Canterbury


Zhe♂Xue from University of Auckland



 Step 2 – the next 6 teams on the scoreboard with no more than 2 teams from any university. The qualifying teams are:


nevered from University of New South Wales


the cake is a lie from University of Canterbury


Monash Omicron from Monash University


UTAS from University of Tasmania


OLDBOYS from University of Melbourne


Eliot Courtney from University of Adelaide


Problem Set

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