South Pacific Programming Contests

2015 Western Divisional Finals

On the 22nd of August 35 teams from 9 Universities competed for the right to represent their University at the South Pacific Regional Final. Four sites: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart, hosted the competition and the day went very smoothly. The competition was won by Monash Pi (from Monash) with OLDBOYS and Team Tam from the University of Melbourne coming second and third respectively. The teams qualifying for the Regional Final are Monash Pi, OLDBOYS, Off by Wonders (The University of Western Australia, 4th) and UofA1 (The University of Adelaide, 5th).

A special mention should go to the school teams, L5 Electro Master, with 3 problems solved in 15th place, and Port22Pirates with 2 problems solved in 24th place.

The competition was run very smoothly and relied on a lot of effort from many volunteers. Malcolm Corney (Queensland) and Darcy Best (Melbourne) did an excellent job coordinating the problem set, Richard Lobb (New Zealand) managed the on-line environment, and each site was supported by a host of volunteers. They did an incredible job, and the competition ran very smoothly. Congratulations to all of them.

Thanks to everyone who helped out preparing the IT systems, organising catering, building access etc, and a big thanks to the students and competitors who participated and organised training sessions.

Tim French, Western Division Contest Director

Monash University

Monash Pi

Peter Whalan

Xin Wei Chow

Ryan Hechenberger

(Coach Darcy Best)


University of Melbourne


Rami Ali

Jonathan Miford

Daniel Tang

(Coach Andrew Turpin)

University of Western Australia


Off By Wonders


Mark Reynolds, UWA

Max Ward-Graham

Andrew Gozzard

Emma Krantz

(Coach Tim French)

University of Adelaide


Konrad Janica

Tullie Murrell

Andrew Pham

(Coach Rengamathi Sankarkumar)


Problem Set

Western Division Results

View the western division scoreboard here.

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