South Pacific Programming Contests

2015 Finals

Regional Final

The Regional Final took place in Auckland on 25-27th September.  It was hosted by AUT University, sponsored by WiseTech Global and Facebook.

Regional contest report

View the regional scoreboard results here.

The winners are University of New South Wales

Second place University of Western Australia

Third place University of Auckland

Fourth Place University of Waikato

Divisional Contests

The Divisional Contests, sponsored by IBM, were held on Saturday 22nd August at 13 sites across the South Pacific Region.


The South Pacific Region Divisional contests were held on Saturday  22nd with 73 teams competing. It follows a series of ANZAC competitions where the students could learn and develop their problem solving and programming skills readying themselves for the ‘big one’.  
The region is geographically very large as it covers Australia, New Zealand and Fiji so it is divided into 3 divisions and 13 contest sites to make sure that students are able to compete as a site near where they live and study. The 25 universities who participated were competing for the right to advance to the Regional Finals in Auckland, New Zealand, next month.  There they will compete for 2 places at the World Finals next year in Phuket. 
While the contest was held simultaneously across the divisions, each division had its own problem set. The three problem sets were constructed by a wonderful team of people who started the process this time last year. Python was offered for the first time with 23 teams making 165 submissions, a clear demonstration of its widespread use and popularity. The contest ran smoothly over the 13 sites using DOMjudge and at some sites, IBM staff came and helped out and feedback from them indicated that they thought it was a great and fun activity for the students.  IBM, as sponsor, also provided the t-shirts, goodies and food for the event, much to the appreciation of the students. Raewyn Boersen, Super Region Contest Director

The following teams qualified for the Regional Final:

Western Division

Monash Pi from Monash University

OLDBOYS from University of Melbourne

Off By Wonders from University of Western Australia

UofA1 from University of Adelaide

Central Division

TheNorthernLine from University of New South Wales

Probably Approximately Correct from University of Queensland

Sublime 3 from University of Sydney

Avada Kejava from Queensland Univesity of Technology
Eastern Division

Trigraph from University of Waikato

Tree Men from University of Auckland

You Make Me NP-Complete from University of Canterbury

‘;drop table teams;– from Massey University

Problem Sets

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