South Pacific Programming Contests

2015 Eastern Divisional Finals

The Eastern Division contest on 22 August was a great success, thanks in large part to the great effort by Malcolm Corney and Darcy Best in putting together a well tested and well balanced problem set. There were no problems with test data during the contest and only minor clarifications of problem wording. The DOMJudge server at the University of Canterbury performed smoothly throughout, running all three divisional contests simultaneously.

A total of 16 teams competed at Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Suva and Wellington.  There were 14 teams from New Zealand (including one unofficial school team) and 2 from Fiji. This is slightly down on the 18 teams we had last year. We can discuss possible reasons for that in our meeting at the Regional Contest.

Team Trigraph from the University of Canterbury won the division for the third year running. Well done, Trigraph! Two Auckland teams, Cafe Babe and Tree Men were close behind, all three teams having solved 6 of the 11 problems. You Make Me NP-Complete from Canterbury was fourth with 5 problems solved. Because only one of the Auckland teams could go to the Regional Finals, the fourth Eastern Division Regional Contest position went to the 8th placed and dangerously named ” ‘;drop table teams;–“, who solved 3 problems. Apart from one team from Fiji, all teams solved at least one problem

Thanks again to Malcolm Corney and Darcy Best for all their effort on the problem set and to Phil Robbins for all the hard work in the background.

Richard Lobb, Eastern Division Contest Director

University of Waikato



IBM Representative Camille Nicodemus

Ryan Smith

Matthew Law

Tom Levy

Bill Rogers (coach)

Sam van der Wel, IBM


University of Auckland


Tree Men


Alan Ansel

Arman Bilge

Andrew Leach

IBM representatives Prachi Mishra (left)

and Jonathan Workman (right)

(Coach Michael Dinneen)


University of Canterbury


You Make Me NP-Complete


Ray Chen

Michael Trotter

Ke He

(Coach Richard Lobb)

Massey University


‘;drop table teams;–


Felix Brookie

Samuel Hunt

Samuel Dobson

(Coach Henning Koehler)



Problem Set

Eastern Division Results

View the eastern division scoreboard here.

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