South Pacific Programming Contests

2015 Central Divisional Finals

The Central Division contest held on August 22 provided students at universities in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Queensland an opportunity to qualify for the Regional Final  to be held in Auckland in late September.  A total of 26 teams from 8 universities at three sites (Brisbane hosted by QUT, Canberra hosted by ANU and Sydney hosted by University of Sydney) worked on the 11 problems prepared by a host of volunteers from across the South Pacific Region. 

The contest was won by TheNorthernLine from The University of New South Wales with 8 problems solved.  They were followed by UNSWsmartypants in second place and Probably Approximately Correct in third place, each with 7 problems solved.  The teams qualifying for the Regional Final are TheNorthernLine, Probably Approximately Correct, Sublime 3 from University of Sydney (6 problems solved) and Avada Kejava from Queensland University of Technology (5 problems solved).  Best wishes to these teams for the Regional Final contest.

The contest, which ran concurrently with the Eastern Division and Western  Division contests, ran smoothly on the Domjudge environment prepared by Richard Lobb (Canterbury, New Zealand).  Clarification requests kept the contest jury busy for the duration of the contests.  Thanks must be made to Darcy Best and Richard Lobb for their help in preparing and proof reading the problem set and to Phil Robbins for his work on contest administration and web presence.

A big thank you must also be extended to all volunteers at all sites who helped with preparation of the contest, catering and organising things on the day.  And finally, thanks to ACM and IBM for their continued support of the ICPC.

Malcolm Corney, Central Division Contest Director

University of New South Wales


Austin Tankiang

Joshua Lau

Daaren Chiu

Coach Aleks Ignjatovic

University of Queensland

Probably Approximately Correct

Coach Larissa Meinicke

Max Koopman

Duncan Berry

Peter Phillpotts

Douglas Stebila, QUT, Brisbane Site Director


University of Sydney

Sublime 3

Coach Ben Drinkwater

David Zhao
Erica Hu

Nick Armstrong

Queensland University of Technology

Avada Kejava

David Allie

James Bubear

Joseph Teague

Coach Douglas Stebila

Problem Set

Central Division Results

View the central division scoreboard here.

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