South Pacific Programming Contests

2014 Central Divisional Contest

The Central Divisional Contest was held at Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

The teams qualifying for the Regional Final in Sydney were:

University of New South Wales


Aleks Ignjatovic (coach)

Yujin Wu
Joshua Lau
Kevin Tran


University of Sydney 

Team Ryba


Vincent Gramoli (coach)

Christopher Ryba
Joel Gibson

Sampson Wong


Australian National University 



Benedict Morrissey
Dmitry Brizhinev

Andrew Haig

Eric McReath (coach)


University of Queensland


Probably Approximately Correct


Peter Phillpotts
Max Koopman
Jackson Gatenby

Malcolm Corney (Site Director)

(Larissa Meinicke, coach)

2014 Central Problem Set

Central Division Scoreboard

View the central division scoreboard here.

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